There are a couple of areas this week that I feel like I need to improve on - driving and sleeping. 

14)  Driving - When the price of gas is close to the $4 mark per gallon, I am all of a sudden much more careful of my driving habits.  When the price is $3.50, I am unconcerned with the extra trips I take.  This makes very little sense.  I should be making an effort to save on gas no matter what the price.  I car pool for my teaching job, which is very helpful - since I work 30 miles from my home.  What I need to improve on is planning errands so that I am not making extra trips and going out of my way to pick up unnecessary items.  I also need to arrange more car pooling opportunities for my kids' activities.  These are simple changes that saves money and helps the environment.

15)  Sleeping - usually at this time of year, when the days are getting shorter, sleeping is much better.  When I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, I find that I need to evaluate my stress level.  Night time is also the time when our organs are regenerating.  If you are waking up at night between one and three in the morning, chances are pretty good that your liver and/or adrenals are working hard.  From three to five, the lungs are working hard, and from five to seven in the morning, the large intestine is regenerating.  Another thing that keeps me awake is ANTS - annoying negative thoughts.  This goes along with evaluating stress levels.  It can also go along with a lack of minerals in the diet.  Sleep is so important to health, and it is important to evaluate what is interfering with sleep to keep the immune system strong.