I have been slacking on doing blogs...once again, I am bored with my format, and I am looking for new material!  I am currently reading a book called the List Makers Get- Healthy Guide by the Editors of Prevention.  It is a fun format of ideas for nutrition, exercise and more.  One of the lists that caught my attention has to do with stress.  This is one of the biggest concerns of many of the clients that I see (right up there with fatigue and weight loss).  According to this book, 63 percent of people believe that their lives are more stressful than five years ago.  This is not a surprise, based on the economy, what is surprising is the high number of people experiencing this stress.  According to the List Maker's book, the following is a list good reasons to try and keep your stress level to a minimum:
  1. You'll Stay Healthier:  Stress can deplete your immune function.  It is problematic for both physical and emotional health.
  2. You'll Lower Your Disease Risk:  "Persistent, unrelenting stress can weaken your body in such a way that you're more vulnerable to serious chronic illness."
  3. You'll Eat Better, Weigh Less: Stress can throw our hormones and chemical balance out of whack, leading to weight gain.
  4. You'll Exercise More:  Exercise is a great way to combat stress and improve health.
  5. You'll Sleep Soundly:  Sleep is so important to overall health.  Stress causes "ANTS" - annoying negative thoughts that keep us awake at night.
  6. You'll Strengthen Personal Bonds
  7. You'll Be More Social
  8. You'll Do Your Job Better:  Stress contributes to fatigue and difficulty with concentrating.
  9. You'll Give it Your All:  "People who stress are never fully invested in what they're doing."
  10. You'll Be Happy!
A great quote that I refer to when I am under too much stress is ~Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength~ this is important to keep in mind, because there are so many things that we stress about that are out of our control.  Goal for today - Relax and let go of the things that are out of our control at this moment.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving - Shanna

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