This is usually about the time that many of us have let our New Year's resolutions go by the sidelines - myself included!  I had hoped to keep up with blogs on a more frequent basis, but this is still a work in progress.  I have talked to numerous people who are at a point of frustration with trying to lose weight in the new year.  The most difficult part of losing weight is adopting a lifestyle change that isn't a quick weight loss fix.  Losing a pound a week is a great goal.  A year from now, that is 52 pounds.  Some strategies that may be helpful with achieving the goal of a pound a week include the following:
  • Eat food - avoid chemicals, preservatives, additives and fake food.  Our bodies don't know what to do with fake foods, so many times it is stored as fat.  Remove corn syrup and trans fat from the diet, and the diet already becomes mostly whole foods. 
  • Eat small portions - try using the small salad plate for lunch and supper for  a week and see if that pound came off easily!
  • Make meat a side dish - a couple of bites of meat at a meal will make digestion easier than a plate full of meat.  If most of your meal is vegetables, you will be upping your fiber count, which will lead to weight loss.  Regular digestion is important to weight loss - if you aren't having at least one healthy bowel movement a day, look into improving digestion.  This may include supplementing with a probiotic or enzyme. 
  • Drink more water.  Try to drink the water before meals, rather than with meals.  We are a typically dehydrated society which leads to hunger. 
  • Eat when you are hungry - this ties into drinking more water.  Sometimes we are thirsty, and it appears as hunger.
  • Eat your calories- stay away from drinks filled with empty calories.  Diet drinks are not a good substitute - the artificial sweeteners can actually cause us to eat more. 
  • Give up dessert.  Plan sweets on occasion, but not after every meal.
More next week... Shanna

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