I am still reading the book List Maker's Get-Healthy Guide by the editors of Prevention.  I chose this list just based on how frustrating it can be to lose weight,and many times we are being sabotaged by foods that we consider to be healthy options.  As a side note, according to the Washington University School of Medicine, on average, we eat an additional 236 calories on weekends which can lead to a 9-pound weight gain over a year's time.  Thinking of my own diet, I am sure that I eat even more than that on weekends!  The following is a list from the authors of this book as to the top 7 foods that sabotage dieting efforts:
  1. Pre-Measured Packs - this is referring to those 100-calorie snack packs.  This is due to the fact that we don't usually stick with just one pack!
  2. "Diet" Treats - When we select fat-free and sugar-free food options, many times these foods up the fat and hidden sugars in the food.  This does not lead to fewer calories in the product.
  3. Liquid Calories - This is probably the easiest area to blow our diets.  A can of pop has 10 tsp. of sugar - lattes are loaded - and many of us add lots of sugar and cream to our tea and coffee.  Alcoholic beverages also pack a calorie punch.  Even fruit juices will many times have added sugar, so when keeping track of dietary choices, include your beverage choices in the equation.
  4. Super-Snacks - this refers to our tendency to graze through the day.  The authors recommend limiting snacks to two per day, and keep track of the serving size
  5. Rich Proteins - I think many of us are aware of this diet sabotager. Lean proteins (chicken, fish, beans) pack fewer calories than sirloin and processed meats.
  6. Fat-Free Salad Dressings - This is similar to staying away from fat-free diet treats.  The dressing is filled with extra sugar and calories.  We actually need some fat in order to absorb fat soluble nutrients from our food.
  7. Baked Potato Chips - These chips are still loaded with calories, and do not contain nutrients.  The authors recommend popcorn as a better option - I would recommend organic popcorn.  Many people are sensitive to corn products, so if you experience fatigue or headache the day after you eat popcorn, you may have a sensitivity.
It is always helpful for a diet plan to stick with whole foods to avoid chemicals and fattening fillers.  Have a great day - Shanna