Each January, I look at simple ways to gain health.  I am making more of an effort for myself to be conscience of my food and exercise choices.  On an ongoing basis, I have the following goals - I know that I will continue to mess up on these goals, but I just remind myself to get back on track. 
  • Walk once or twice a day (mix in jogging and sprinting with the walking for some interval training).
  • Do some sort of weight lifting each day (going to the gym is not my strong point).  I count carrying laundry, groceries and items around the house for this goal.
  • Eat real food.  Whenever possible, I buy whole, organic foods.  I attempt to avoid foods that label's list more than five ingredients, or ingredients that I do not recognize.  
  • Eat mindfully - I tend to do things quickly, so I am working on slowing down when I eat. 
  • Meditate - I like a walking meditation.  I work everyday at being present in the moment.
  • Continue to clean up my environment - use non toxic products, pick up trash on my walks, drive less, and conserve resources such as water and electricity.
  • Eat less meat - I try to do a couple meat free days during the week, and I rarely eat meat for more than one meal a day.  I try to treat meat as a condiment, rather than the largest part of a meal.  I load up on vegetables. 
  • Simplifying life - do one thing at a time, rather than multitasking, doing things for others, and simplifying routines. 
All of these items are a work in progress.  I have better days than other, but I don't worry when I overindulge on one day, I just start over the next day.  Have a great day - Shanna