Apple orchards and pumpkin patches are a popular destination in the fall.  They are also a great place to stock up on fall produce. 

5) I like to buy a couple small pumpkins early to roast the seeds, and then get more later for seeds and carving.  This year I would like to get a baking pumpkin, and make an attempt at muffins or fresh pumpkin cookies.  Stay tuned on that one, my baking skills are legendary for being bad!  One thing that even I can't mess up is homemade applesauce.  If the apples are organic, I just core and slice them, otherwise you can peel them.  Throw them in a sauce pan with a half cup water and a small amount of brown sugar (1/4 cup for about 10 apples), and then let them simmer in medium heat until soft.  If you mash them part way through it goes faster.  I like to add a couple of handfuls of strawberries for an even better flavor.  Another popular item in fall is squash. My family loves squash, and I am a little lukewarm about it. I do like cooking spaghetti squash upside down in water on a baking sheet (slice in half first).  When it is tender, you can take a spoon to shred the meat.  We use it like pasta, just put sauce over the top!
6) Pop my own popcorn - I know that this doesn't sound like any great change, but it actually is for me.  In the past I have bought organic microwave popcorn for convenience, but I am not a big fan of the microwave or the extra ingredients in the bags of popcorn.  At the apple orchard, I purchased fresh grain popcorn, and what a flavor difference it makes.  I popped it in sunflower oil from the farmer's market, so I didn't have to put butter on it.  I like to try different spices besides salt - garlic and Cajun flavors are my favorite. 

Next week I hope to make some changes that I haven't tried before.  As a side note, I always feel good about supporting farmer's markets and orchards - it not only helps small, local business owners, but it also gives a nod to organic living.