Happy Winter!  The actual winter cold may be beneficial for some people this year.  Many people's allergy symptoms have lasted longer this year due to the freezing and thawing.  There are definitely more molds and fungus in our environment.  One bothersome microbial that many people have an abundance of in their systems is candida.  Candida comes in many different varieties and we all have candida in our guts.  The concern is when our systems are out of balance, and we get an overabundance of candida in our systems.  Candida can be associated with almost any symptom or ailment - from fatigue to diarrhea to headaches.  Candida also lives on sugar, so if you are having symptoms or ailments and sugar cravings, candida may be a concern for you.  For many people, it is necessary to replenish the systems friendly bacteria, avoid all sugars and sugar producing foods, and to use supplements to alleviate the candida in the system.  If you are feeling not up to your optimal level, it is worth looking into how candida could be affecting you.  Have a great day - Shanna

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